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About Us

Forti's Mexican Elder Restaurant opened its doors in December 1976. The Mexican Elder, named for a yellow flowering berry tree, was the dream realization for David and Consuelo Forti and was built on land that was intended for the expansion of their original business, Forti's Body and Glass Shop, previously located close by on Frutas St. The original restaurant included one dining room, a small kitchen, an office, and a restroom. Now, after three expansions, Forti's has grown to a capacity of 250, which accommodates more customers and allows for banquets and special family celebrations.

The Mexican Elder owes its continued success to the community of El Paso, the many customers who feel at home there, and to its employees who have graciously served their customers for years.

With guests from all over the world, including many famous dignitaries and artists, it is important that customer service and delicious Mexican food come first. After all, surviving an El Paso tradition since 1976. Although there have been some structural and technological changes and a few new delicious additions to the menu, Consuelo continues to use the many recipes that her grandmother used in Mexico.

With dedication to the community and commitment to their customers, This growing family continues to work to provide you with an enjoyable experience when you visit Forti's Mexican Elder Restaurant. That's what Consuelo and David dreamed of, and it is an honor Forti's takes very seriously.

Buen Provecho!

321 Chelsea St, El Paso, TX 79905
(915) 772 0066

Tuesday - Thursday 9am to 9pm

Friday - Saturday 9am to 11pm

Sunday 9am to 6 pm

Monday Closed 

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